Josef Seibel Shoes: the German Way to Global Fame

Have you ever tried the German brand of Josef Seibel shoes? This shoe making company provides the European Comfort Shoe. How did the brand come to such a success? Here are some facts to depict the German way to global fame.

Popular Josef Seibel casual footwear for daily usage, intensive outdoor activities and playing sports is popular worldwide. Coming in various shoe styles, colours and designs the company, nevertheless, preserves its authentic German character and reveals it to the highly globalized modern world.

This shoe making business appeared as the small home-based workshop located in the small German village in 1886. Founded by Carl-August Seibel the future multinational manufacturer received its name on behalf of Josef Seibel, the son of the founder. Nowadays the family business is still developing as the heritage of the fourth generation of Seibels.

The shoe making became much success first in Germany and then in the entire Europe and overseas due to keeping to the basic company principle: comfort and durability. The owners of the business never compromised on the high-class quality of their product. The materials used for manufacturing, industry processes and technologies are aimed at pursuing the main philosophy of feet comfort.

Besides, the Josef Seibel brand shoes are still manufactured in their homeplace in Germany, as well as in the several European countries. Here at Josef Seibel’s the innovative automated methods of manufacturing are sufficiently blended with the traditional workmanship, that the first German shoemakers practiced before. The hallmark of the Josef Seibel footwear has become the stitching of the upper parts and the soles in shoes which is still performed manually. The shoemaker needs approximately half an hour to sew the parts together with the peculiar stitch called strober. This handmade procedure allows your new pair of Josef Seibel shoes to serve you much longer and fit you perfectly well.

Since its establishing the shoe manufacturer has gone the entire way from the home production to the factory. Nowadays the Josef Seibel brand as well as other shoe brands that have been purchased by the Josef Seibel Group are manufactured mainly in Europe and are sold in more than 40 world countries. The German brand customers prefer to buy their new pairs by Josef Seibel both offline in the traditional shops and online.

The shoe making business continues to grow recently, catering to the needs of the up-to-date men and women who value new casual style and comfort. The focus on the extreme feet comfort has brought Josef Seibel the European Comfort Shoe name. Such a world-wide recognition of the German quality footwear has come together with the revolutionary innovations in shoe making production.

Besides, all the materials that the company utilizes undergo the strictest selection not to compromise the European standards or bring any damage to the environment. Josef Seibel values nature and offers only nature-friendly ways of production and end products.

These shoes and different kinds of footwear will fit perfect those customers who long for durable and sturdy shoes coming in classical and ultra trendy designs. Josef Seibel shoe pairs often appear in fashion reviews and magazines because of their looks and inner characteristics that correlate with the customer’s considerations on the shoes they want in full.

Perfect fitting and feet support during walking, the well-balanced climate and comfort that is created inside the shoe, stress-absorbing characteristics which come with the innovative shoe components and modern materials, make the Josef Seibel brand footwear the perfect choice for many new brand customers, men and women all over the world.

If you value comfort and want to wear your shoes daily, it’s high time to give a try to the authentic German brand which is globally popular because of the thoroughness and innovative touch the national and overall European quality attitude brings to the world.