How to pack the things before leaving them in a self storage box

Packing of things before leaving them in a self storage is an art, so be sure to check out our recommendations. The first thing to remember: you need to pack so that quickly find any thing you need. Make an inventory when packing, write down the things you have packed.

Other tips for preparation and storage of personal belongings
1. Do not save on quality packing materials as the strength of packaging deteriorates during the use.
2. If you buy boxes of the same size, put them one over the other - it will save space.
3. Pack everything you can into the boxes - all unpacked things may become dirty or dusty during prolonged storage.
4. Make the boxes as full as possible to prevent their damaging, but watch out for the weight - you have to pick them up and move easily. In order to fill the empty space, you can use paper or towels, or buy special cushioning material. Incompletely filled boxes may break and deform.
5. Wrap all the boxes with a tape - it will help prevent their content from the dust.

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