Where to store the things during relocation or repairs

The question of where to keep all the things temporarily when making repairs or moving to another house puzzles many people. Very often the available space is just not enough to store the accumulated things before moving them to another location. We offer to take advantage of our self storage. The area of a storage is divided into cells - boxes, or as they are also called - storage rooms or mini-warehouses. The obvious advantages of storage boxes is that you are provided with easy access to your belongings and do not pay to much for this. Find here more details about available sizes of storage boxes and our pricing policy. But not everyone wants to use the services of self-storage for one reason or another.

When you are moving long distance, it is just impossible to move all the things at once, so you have to find the place for their storing.

Possible options
There are many popular, but not always profitable options for storing the property for the time of repairs or relocation. Balcony, garage, cottage, rented container stand out among these common, but not quite rational places to store the property. What do the professionals say about these places? Professional movers from Edmonton do not recommend to store your things in these places as they are not designed for safe keeping (except a container). Let us take a closer look at popular places of storage, in order to identify their strengths and weaknesses.

A balcony. It is a popular place for storage of automobile wheels, unnecessary household appliances, sports equipment and many other things. The main drawback of the balcony is a little space. In addition, some things are just not allowed for keeping on a balcony in winter, or vice versa in summer.

A garage. It is a spacious room and functional space. When a garage is equipped with racks and shelves, it turns into a comfortable place for storage of things. But there is one problem - it is designed for a car, motorcycle, their spare parts and repair tools, but not for old home theater or seasonal sports equipment.

Container for storage. Many companies provide the services of keeping personal things in containers. This service has a number of advantages – a person frees up a space in the house without having to clutter a balcony or a garage! The disadvantage of container storage is limited access to the things.

So self storage is the best place to leave your things temporarily and not to worry about them, especially when moving long distance.

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